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About OptiClip BV

Breda is the head office for the design and production of clip-on sunglasses customized for all designer spectacles. Any shape is possible, in multi colors and with different glass options.

Complementary OptiClip BV is distributor of the Chemistrie clip-on’s. Also custom made to fit any frame and available in sun-, reader-, computer- or 3D lenses.

Make the most of the sumer with OptiClip®

In 1995 an astonishing new product called OptiClip® has been introduced in the world of opticians. A sunglass clip for any design pair of spectacles. OptiClip® makes a beautiful pair of sunglasses out of any splendid frame and with preservation of the original shape of design. Affordable for your client, profitable for you!

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CHEMISTRIE, eyewear that clicks!

Chemistrie’s patented magnetic lens-layering technology means you can easily transform your Rx frame into polarized sunglasses, readers, 3D glasses or computer glasses with the click of a lens. Discover the magnetic power, the style and flexibility of Chemistrie.

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Improve the traffic in your store

With OptiClip® and Chemistrie you enlarge your assortment and therefore your take advantage to your competitors. You can help any client whatever their design of frame. The result: more traffic in your store!

For more information or special requests; just call us and we will help you as soon as possible.

Tel: +31 (0)76 5208844 or info@opticlip.nl