About Chemistrie


Custom made| Fits any frame | Extremely lightweight

Chemistrie’s magnetic lenses are custom made to fit any frame and allow you to quickly change your clips to fit your needs. You can easily transform your Rx frame into polarized sunglasses, readers, 3D glasses or computer glasses with the click of a lens. Thanks to tiny magnets imbedded near the
edge of the Chemistrie lenses, it’s easy for customers to click on one of the lenses and get the protection they need and the style they want.


Chemistrie sun

Our solid sunlenses come in 3 colors (G-15, GREY, BROWN ), are polarized and block 100% of the sun’s UV rays. Solid sunlenses are available in base curves of 2, 4 and 6.

Chemistrie Sun without polarized lenses do offer 100% sun protection and are available in 2 colors (G-15 en BROWN). Base curves 4 and 6.


Chemistrie plus

When the type gets a little too small or blurry, Chemistrie wearers simply click on their reader lenses. Our Chemistrie+ reader lenses come in .25 increments ranging from +.50 to +2.50.


Chemistrie blue

Ease the discomfort from hours with your computer. Our Chemistrie Blue layer filters a portion of the high energy violet and blue light emitted by computers, tablets, smart phones and fluorescent lighting and are available in both plano and intermediate distance powers.


Chemistrie 3D

Why would your customers wear clunky, 3-D glasses, when they have a far more attractive choice? Our circular polarized C3-D lenses are compatible with any 3-D television using passive lens technology, as well as any RealD Cinema production.

Chemistrie order info

You may choose between two options:

Glascrew (Dutch grinding service) is the only certified in the Netherlands to manufacture the Chemistrie clips for the Benelux. They make use of the correct specialist equipment, software and knowledge. Glascrew grinds the glasses in the frame and puts the magnets in the glasses.
However, you can also choose to make the clips yourself with your own grinding machine.

Option 1 Glascrew

If you choose to outsource the handling to Glascrew, you have nothing to worry about! Delivery within 4-5 business days (outside the Benelux it may take a bit longer due to postal delivery services). How does it works: You deliver the frame + lenses to Glascrew and Glascrew provides the lenses of the magnets and supplies the desired Chemistrie clip. Vouchers for these clips will be purchased from OptiClip beforehand. Glascrew only invoices the grinding of the glasses; The Chemistrie clip has already been invoiced by purchasing the vouchers.

You will receive:

  • POP display + b2c flyers.
  • vouchers (package of 2 or 10 pcs) for your order at Glascrew.


Please contact us and we will supply you with the pricelist.

Option 2 By yourself

Your shop is well equipped and without the intermediary of third parties, you are able to manufacture the desired clips and take care of glass grinding. Ensuring even more a smooth delivery!

You will receive:

  • POP display + b2c flyers.
  • materials for a basic stock + order form for additional Chemistrie materials.
  • software Chemistrie + manual manufacturing.


Please contact us and we will supply you with the pricelist.

Retro fit

Glascrew has the facilities to apply Chemistrie to exisiting frames also.

More information

Discover the magnetic power of Chemistrie. Provide your customers with the style and flexibility of the patented magnetic lenses layering system. For more information please contact OptiClip: +31 (0)76-520 88 44 or via info@opticlip.nl.