About OptiClip®

Make the most of the summer with OptiClip®

In 1995 an astonishing new product called OptiClip® has been introduced in the world of opticians. A sunglass clip for any design pair of spectacles. OptiClip® makes a beautiful pair of sunglasses out of any splendid frame and with preservation of the original shape of design. Affordable for your client, profitable for you! A custom-made sun clip with a full range of color and glass options. The possibilities are basically endless.

OptiClip® is a product that you can offer almost every customer. It increases your sales and you can offer your customer – in addition to sunglasses with strength – an additional product that fits perfectly on any frame: Original OptiClip, the custom-made clip-on for any designer spectacles!

A range of color and glass options

The rim is available in 9 colors: antique gold, antique grey, matte gold, black, rusty, spotted, red, green and blue. Double and rhodium (shiny yellow and silver) are also possible (lasts 2-3 weeks).
The rim is made of nickel-free Monel. The rim can be made out of either smooth material or with a little engraving. No surcharge! OptiClip also offers various glass options, from brown, gray and green in CR39 and polycarbonate to Zeiss Skylet glasses. Any other glasses can be ordered at an additional cost.

Affordable for your customers, profitable for you

Expand your collection with OptiClip® and stay ahead of your competitors. OptiClip® will draw more customers to your store!


OptiClip® has made fancy point-of-sales material. A full colour display in English that attracts your clients in a distinguished manner to the existence of OptiClip®. In a glimpse all advantages of OptiClip® are made clear. Your client can choose out of 9 base materials and 3 different colours of lenses. Easy!

Quick delivery

The biggest advantage of OptiClip® is the quick delivery. If we receive the frame on Tuesday, it will be back in your shop by Saturday (depending on the local postal delivery conditions).

Contact and order OptiClip®

If you would like to order OptiClip®, please contact us at:
+31 (0)76 5208844 of info@opticlip.nl

OptiClip® order info


We kindly request you to use the order form. It facilitates the production process and it prevents you from forgetting to fill in all the details. All details will be used in our computer system to facilitate the production process and for better and quick assistance if you have any questions about your order.

You will receive automatically new order forms with each order you make. Your name, delivery address and customer ID will be pre-printed. If you need more forms, just call or mail us.

We have received many requests not to mention prices on the order form. Just send us a request by mail and we will supply you with a complete list.


OptiClip - conditions

Order form

Please use the order form to avoid mistakes and enlarge our production capacity. Also fill in the form completely.


Delivery time

Orders with arrival on Wednesdays will be returned to you on Fridays. Any orders arriving later will be send to you on Friday the week after. We will always try to send the orders sooner, though we need to take into account that our production takes certain steps which cannot be changed that easily. However, we are able to produce a clip within one day with a surcharge.
We will not take responsibility for delays caused by postal services, though we very much regret the unpleasant situation.


Early return

If you mark the order form that you would like us to return the frame earlier, we will do so accordingly usually the same day. We will surcharge you a small amount for postage. Note that, especially just before the weekend, early returns will not be that quick in delivery by postal services.



We ask you urgently not to send frames with prescription lenses mounted. We will be very careful if you still do, but the risk is yours. Please dismount lenses and place dummy lenses. We know that for nylor and rimless frames this can cause extra work, but please do so in order to prevent damage.



With nylors and rimless frames please send us correct templets. If you cut CNC and are not blessed with patterns anymore, we are able to make one for you with a little surcharge. If we do not receive a useful pattern, we will have to make one ourselves (with surcharge) in order to produce a correct suitable clip. If you send drawings or decide to mount different lenses in a nylor or rimless frame, the deviation in form is at your own risk.


Each clip is unique

Our production process consists of many manual operations. In the factory every tiniest detail is approached with care and expertise. Craftsmanship also means that no single clip is identical, though will always meet our quality requirements.



To ensure quality and efficiency, the production process has been standardized with many manual operations. However, we may differ in case you have special wishes. For example, if you want the brackets in a particular place, please indicate it on the order form.


Color of lenses

Standard we mount CR-39 in the clip-on, in case no preference is given. We are able to mount all kind of lenses. Delivery from stock: brown, green and grey (in CR-39 and PC) and Zeiss Skylet Fun-Road and Sport (only CR-39).
Different type of glass are available at additional cost depending on the lenses.
You can also ask us not to mount the lenses, so you can cut them yourselves or mount different lenses. Just mark your preferences on the order form. The price will not be different.



The available colors for the rim are mentioned on the order form and on the display. Other colors are possible though we have to mix the new color which is always different from the actual color of the frame. Therefore we recommend you to choose from our standard colors.


Double and rhodium (shiny yellow and silver)

To manufacture clips in shiny yellow or silver is one of our services, yet the process takes longer since we do not make these colors ourselves as of possibilities and environmental reasons. Keep 2-3 weeks delivery time in mind. Please also send us a color sample (this can be the frame itself).



We do not bend the hooks when it concerns rimless or nylor frames, as we do not know the thickness of lenses you are going to mount. You best do it yourselves. We always supply you with a certain material to protect the metal from scratching the frame.



Please state clearly your preference when it concerns repairs. Also mention the original frame and your client’ name, in order to trace what and when something went wrong. You can help us to improve our production with good statistics.



To support your sales we will provide you a display (b2c).



Please pack the frame carefully. It is at your own risk when we receive items damaged. Damaged frames and/or lenses are not insured by us.



The (net) prices are in Euros, based on payments within 14 days. At your request we can arrange automatic payments by charging your creditcard.
When we face long outstanding payments, we will be obliged to include cash-on-delivery services; payments upon delivery. We will surcharge the cost for this additional work.


Guarantee / credit

OptiClip gives 1 year (12 months) warranty on delivered products; glasses excluded. Our clips are not being credited as the OptiClip is a custom made product.